Giddy (GE Appliances) facilitated a design competition on behalf of FirstBuild.
Below are The Brief, The Stakes and My Submission.
My design, which extended to three separate but related appliances, won First prize.
I called this design "Rook" - Literally "Smoke" in dutch.
The brief called for a resolution, not only for the Aesthetic, but also engineering proposals for the best method of burning fuel, circulating and then capturing the smoke. Of course, in addition to the user-interfaces such as fuel & food loading, timer setting and a window to observe progress.
I expanded Rook to create Reykur, a concept for smoking larger portions of food, perhaps for larger families or food-smoking enthusiasts. Reykur, again means "Smoke" but this time in Icelandic.

Kahihi picked up on a portion of the brief that I felt was overlooked; which was the smoking of drinks such as whiskey.
This smaller version, designed especially for beverages, kept the design language of the the larger appliances.
Kahihi was supposed to be called "Uahi", the Hawaiian word for smoke but a translation error lead to the name 'Kahihi'.
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