I've already written at length about Inceptor on its own page, so if you're interested in the story, perhaps go and have a read.
For now, it should suffice to say, the Inceptor range started in 2012 with the original "Inceptor" and subsequently, almost every year was updated to add new features, stay competitive or keep up with the most up-to-date standards.
The sub-models include Max, Micro, Nano, Omni & Omni v2.
Due to the success of the range, Scolmore (the manufacturers), adopted the name for an even wider family of lighting products; those that carry the most premium features.
The inceptor owes its success, not only to good design, but to teamwork. Without the efforts of the many and varied colleagues all pulling together in the same direction, this could have been "just another downlight". As it stands, Inceptor has been one of the best-selling fire-rated downlights in the UK. 
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