Pentarasus is (or will be) the final puzzle of a set of precision-engineered puzzles designed for Sonic Games' Andrew Reeves. Andrew featured on Dragon's Den in 2007 turning down offers from both Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis, forging on with his first puzzle "Isis Adventure", which ended up being a success without the dragons' backing.
After several years on hiatus, the company has decided to revive the puzzle series and complete the originally planned series of 5 with this, the final puzzle "Pentarasus".
My role in this project has been to build the puzzle parts as instructed by the client in SolidWorks in order for the product to be manufactured. Up until this point my experience with puzzles had been purely from the solver's perspective, so this has been an interesting insight. Unfortunately, I can't show you all the neat stuff inside - but take it from me, it is devilishly difficult.
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