The task was to challenge the current traditional interactions with Soda fountains in order to capitalise on improvements in technologies and deliver a greater breadth of flavours and textures.
My concept was one to utilise RFID tags in order to "program" cups with a flavour combination either at the station or remotely (for example on restaurant tables), then when the cup is introduce to the fountain the machine could automatically dispense the customised beverage in a seamless and familiar interaction.
I considered an alternative, using QR codes, at the added cost and complexity of an networked system but reduced manufacturing costs and waste.
Also shown below are the table-based programming concepts - certainly more form development required, but the project was 30 days and there was a lot of ground to cover.
Additional machine forms that aimed to address the delivery of different textures such as ICE and "bubbles".
These units were designed to expand by the addition of modules.
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